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Our Greenline-Products:

Reed Switches

SMD Reed Switches



The Reed Switch consists of merely glass and metal and hence it is "as easy to recycle as bottles and cans."


Yet another advantage is the low weight with constant miniaturisation: Thus, our PMC-0701S weights merely 0.03 gm.


  • Pure upcycling!

No power consumption in stand-by mode


In contrast to active electronic systems, Reed Switches do not require any separate power supply.

  • The zero-energy component!

No micro emissions


The hermetically sealed Reed Switch does not produce any micro emissions (like Ozone, notrogen oxides).

  • Simply clean!

Immune to ESD


Reed Switches are, by large, immune to ESD.

  • Additional safety components and shielding arrangements are not necessary anymore!

Negligible heat dissipation


While semiconductors often become perceptibly hot, the Reed Switch remains absolutely cool and reduces measures required for cooling.

  • Heat sinks goodbye!

Fewer components

Reed Switch technology permits space-saving developments using the bare minimun of external components.

  • The less the merrier!