Customized Products

Our customer specific, tailor made Sensing Solutions are fully adjusted to their targeted application. They are taking assembly situation, electrical parameters and design needs into consideration.

Over 80 % of our products are special custom designs.

Connectors and Cable assemblies

Connectors and cable assemblies

  • Sensor solutions + wire harnesses: tailor made to your requirements including RAST-Assembly. Talk to us now!

Modified Reed Switches

  • We modify Reed Switches to your specific needs: Cutting, bending and even making them bistable - all done by experts in our own factories. Tell us your specific requirements!
Special housing

Special housings

PCB assemblies

PCB assemblies

  • Where large quantities in particular are concerned, assembly costs can make or break a product. We will be happy to supply Reed Switches and other components as fully assembled PCBs including cable and connector at highly competitive prices. Get in touch with us!

Individual Level Sensors

Customized Level Sensors

Flow Detection

  • Individual solutions for flow detection or even flow measuring, tailor made for your application. Talk to our experts!
Magnets - bare or cased


We will find a customized solution for your specific application - please get in touch with us!